Visual / Spatial

You learn best by seeing visual patterns, connections and ideas. Try some of the ideas below:

  • Create a visual image or 'mental video' of information.

  • Watch television programmes and You Tube videos to broaden your knowledge.

  • Use mind maps (such as Popplet and Freemind), flowcharts, timelines, tables and graphs for learning, planning and revising.

  • Try using Oliver West's Footnotes technique which uses images and grids rather than words for planning and note taking.

  • Look up words on Visuwords and use visual search engines like instaGrok.

  • Consider using a visual task manager such as DropTask.

  • Use colour (pens, highlighters, Post-It notes, folders and dividers) for organising and grouping information.

  • Use symbols and pictures in your notes.

  • Make posters, diagrams and PowerPoint slides to showcase your ideas.