Referral within Student and Library Services


These pages are for Student and Academic Services staff who need to know how to refer students within the Directorate. Their aim is to make sure students get timely, appropriate support and referral. Use the menu on the right to jump straight to a section.

Please use Compass Enquiries to refer students on. They are better than Outlook emails, phone calls or conversations because, once they are logged, they will be followed up and there will be a trail. Log on to Compass here.

How to Create a Compass enquiry video and downloadable Create a Compass enquiry instructions and screenshots.

How to Reply to a Compass enquiry video and downloadable Reply to a Compass enquiry instructions and screenshots.

See more detailed ‘How-to’ Compass videos here.




Alison McGonagle and Sophie Atherton

General enquiries 3629

ASK: Academic Skills

Elizabeth (Liz) Wragg 

General enquiries 1438


Rebecca (Becky) Nesbitt 

  • Pastoral and spiritual care for students and staff of all faiths and none.
  • Team of volunteer chaplains on both campuses and links with local faith communities.
  • Quiet spaces for prayer/meditation.


The Compass

James Maddocks 

Steve Hickling 

General Enquiries 01326 370 460 (1460)


  • First port of call for Student and Library Services enquiries.
  • Provide information, guidance and referral to a wide range of university services.
  • A range of self-help FAQs online at
  • Compass desk located in The Library at Penryn Campus and within the Lower Courtyard at Falmouth Campus.

Inclusive Learning (previously Dyslexia Skills)

Nikki Brown 


Isabel Noon 


Penryn Campus Library
01326 370441

Falmouth Campus Library
01326 213815

Living Support

Staff can contact:

Students can contact:
01326 370460
or attend Compass desk

  • Advise students on the whole range of academic and personal issues which may affect their time at university.
  • Respond to welfare incidents and are a point of contact for disclosures (including sexual assaults and domestic abuse).
  • Respond to students in crisis.
  • Carry out welfare checks, where concerns are raised about a student; please email with the subject “Welfare Check”, including reason and perceived risk (please note that a welfare check should only be requested if all other means of contact have not been successful or if there is immediate concern/ risk).
  • Act as a ‘cause for concern’ hub for staff, students and external agencies.
  • Liaise with and advise course staff and other professionals.
  • Provide the link for Community issues, including action on neighbour complaints.
  • Act as Disciplinary Officers for Falmouth and Exeter Universities, dealing with student complaints and breaches of regulations (including carrying out disciplinary investigations).
  • Point of contact with regard to Prevent concerns
Study Hub
Time to Talk
  • Sessions for students who need to talk to someone.
  • Staffed by members of Compass, Chaplaincy and Wellbeing teams.
  • Bookable through Compass online using option: Book appointment/Time to talk.

Wellbeing (Mental Health/
Psychological therapies)

Marion English and Kerra Park 

General enquiries 1755

  • Mental Health professionals provide advice and guidance to students who have filled in the Wellbeing Appointment Form. See Falmouth University Wellbeing pages for more information including how to access the form.
  • A variety of appointments available, including duty desk for urgent distress, telephone and face to face assessment, Time to Talk, 1:1 and group wellbeing sessions and 1:1 therapeutic work for ongoing complex presentations. 
  • Liaise with external NHS agencies including GPs.
  • Psychological therapies – various modalities of therapy, including brief solution focussed, counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). A maximum of 6 sessions per academic year (small number of extension sessions available on a case-by-case basis).
  • Online CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) available through SilverCloud.
    Psycho-educational workshops on a range of topics.
    Staff training on mental health awareness.


The Compass Wiki has much more detailed information. Read-access required.

When to refer guide for staff.

Compass - How can we help you? FAQs for students.