Lowcost Apps

Browse the full list or use the left-hand menu to jump to the category you want. These apps are either free or under a tenner:

  • ClaroSpeak - Text Reader Apps

    Reformat text (e.g. font, spacing, background colour) and hear it spoken aloud. Import documents or type in your own text. Also offers predictive text. Save spoken texts as audio files.

    Available on: iOS

  • Focus Keeper - Concentration & Attention Apps

    Timer which boosts concentration and motivation by encouraging you to work in short 25 minute bursts with 5-minute breaks in between.

    Available on: iOS

  • Evernote Scannable - Scanning Apps

    Scan and capture notes and documents. Send via email or text. Export as PDF or JPG files to other apps such as Dropbox, Notability or Evernote.

    Available on: iOS

  • Scan - Scanning Apps

    Scan QR codes and barcodes.

    Available on: iOS, Android and Windows

  • Wordflex - Dictionaries & Spelling Apps

    Visual, interactive dictionary which displays words and meanings as a mind map. Will define, pronounce and give word origins.

    Available for: iOS

  • Dictionary - Dictionaries & Spelling Apps

    Speaks, defines and gives examples of words. The thesaurus tool is handy for coming up with synonyms so you can add variety to your writing.

    Available on: iOS and Android

  • Dropbox - Storage Apps

    Save and share files between different computers, tablets and mobile devices. Good for backing up and accessing anywhere online. Many other apps will import and export files to Dropbox.

    Available on: Mac, iOS, Android and Windows


  • Quizlet - Memory Apps

    Create your own study flashcards or use other people’s. Practise, test yourself and play games to learn the information. 

    Available on: iOS and Android