Lowcost Apps

Browse the full list or use the left-hand menu to jump to the category you want. These apps are either free or under a tenner:

  • Notability - Note taking Apps

    Write or type notes and add audio, photos, images, web clips, sketches and diagrams. Organise your notes in folders and import/export to Dropbox etc.

    Available on: Mac and iOS

  • Evernote - Note taking Apps

    Type notes and add drawings, photos and audio. Works well with related apps such as Scannable.

    Available on: Mac, iOS, Android and Windows

  • AudioNote - Note taking Apps

    Record audio while you draw and type. Tap on a word/drawing to hear the relevant audio replayed (or add notes later).

    Available on Mac, iOS, Android and Windows

  • Popplet - Mind Mapping Apps

    Easy to learn mind mapping tool for iPad which synchs with online version. Add ‘popples’ with words and images and link them together. Good for planning, brainstorming, mood boards, note taking etc.

    Available on: iOS

  • SimpleMind - Mind Mapping Apps

    Another simple, clear mind mapping tool. Good for creating lots of branches

    Available on: Mac, iOS, Android and Windows

  • Any.do - Organisation & Time Management Apps

    Clear and simple app for making to-do lists.

    Available on: iOS, Android, Web, Chrome and Mac

  • Wunderlist - Organisation & Time Management Apps

    Create to-do lists with alarms and reminders. Works across all your devices.

    Available on: Mac, iOS, Android and Windows

  • Alarmed - Organisation & Time Management Apps

    Set timers and alarms (with notes, alarms, snooze and ‘nag-me’ function). Repeat function is useful for regular appointments or tasks.

    Available on: iOS

  • Acceleread - Reading Apps

    Helps you learn to read faster and more efficiently by teaching you speed reading techniques. Allows you to track your progress

    Available on: iOS

  • ClaroPDF - Text Reader Apps

    Allows you to annotate and mark up PDF documents and will read them out loud. You can also use it to mark up webpages and save them as PDF files.

    Available on: iOS