Exam arrangements (Exeter Students)

Information about Specific Provisions for exams - Exeter Cornwall students

First, contact Accessibility

Please contact Accessibility in the first instance if you require any specific provisions for your examinations.  You will need to provide evidence of your disability or health condition.

  • studentservices@fxplus.ac.uk
  • 01326 253629
  • Or book an appointment to see an Accessibility advisor via The Compass desk in the Exchange building.

Accessibility run regular drop-in sessions during term time in Tremough Annexe. Click here for a full list of days and times.

Exeter Cornwall Exam Page

Includes deadlines for requests for Specific Provisions in Exams. 

Contact details for Exams Office

For any information relating to exams, please contact the Exams Office:


Examinations and Religious Observance

Please fill in this form if you have examinations which take place during an important religious day or festival (such as Ramadan).

Injury or illness before or on the day of an exam

If you sustain an injury or become ill before or on the day of an exam you must immediately contact your college who will either advise you with how to seek Mitigation or refer you to Accessibility Services:

Rest breaks in exams

Rest breaks in exams are different to extra writing time. If you are taking a rest break and wish to stay at your desk, you are not allowed to write. (You may also leave the room if supervised.) You may take your rest breaks at any time during the exam (including during the extra writing time). The invigilator will keep a tally and calculate the new end time of the exam whenever a rest break is taken.

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