Adjusted deadlines (Falmouth)

Adjusted Deadlines (Falmouth) - FAQs

  • What are Adjusted Deadlines?   An Adjusted Deadline will allow a student with a disability such as Dyslexia or Dyspraxia, or a fluctuating disability/health condition, additional time to meet deadlines.

  • Are Adjusted Deadlines the same as extensions?  Yes, an Adjusted Deadline means that an extension for a piece of work will be agreed.

  • Am I eligible for Adjusted Deadlines?  Adjusted Deadlines are usually recommended in a Diagnostic or Needs Assessment as part of a student’s ‘reasonable adjustments’. A student must be currently registered with Accessibility and have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) in place before Adjusted Deadlines can be agreed.

  • How long can I have?  Adjusted Deadlines will be agreed for 5 working days initially and can be extended up to 10 working days maximum.

  • What if my new deadline falls on a Bank Holiday?  If the Adjusted Deadline falls on a Bank holiday, the new deadline will be the next working day.

  • What if my new deadline falls during a holiday period?  If the Adjusted Deadline falls within a Falmouth Holiday period, e.g. Christmas or Easter, then the new deadline will be the first day of the new term. (This is not the case for Falmouth Flexible students, who just get the time agreed).

  • Can I apply for an extension to an Institutional Deadline?  No, a student cannot apply for an Adjusted Deadline for an assignment that has already been approved for an Extenuating Circumstances (EC) extension i.e. an Adjusted Deadline cannot be applied to an Institutional Deadline. However, a student may be eligible to apply for another EC.

  • Can I apply for Adjusted Deadlines on any assignment?  Adjusted Deadlines only apply to summative assessments i.e. those formally recorded as part of every student’s progression.  Students can check all their formal hand-in deadlines via the My Falmouth Portal. Students will need to speak to their tutor or module leader to discuss an extension on a formative piece of work.

  • Can I have an adjusted deadline for a presentation or a group project? If you require an extension for an individual presentation, you will need to speak to your course team or module leader before requesting an Adjusted Deadline from Accessibility. If you require an extension for a group project and other students will be affected by your request, please contact Accessibility as soon as possible. Adjusted Deadlines for group projects will only be granted under special circumstances and the Student Programmes and Achievements team will need to be consulted before agreement can be given. The other members of the group will need to be considered in any adjustments that are made.

  • How much notice do I need to give?  To arrange an Adjusted Deadline, Accessibility should have wherever possible at least 48 hours’ notice. If the request is made on the day of the deadline students should be informed that there is no guarantee that the request will be granted. Accessibility are unable to arrange an Adjusted Deadline that is more than 4 weeks in advance of the original deadline.

  • How do I apply for an Adjusted Deadline?  To arrange an Adjusted Deadline, please contact Accessibility directly. You will need to confirm each element of assessment for which you require the adjusted deadline, e.g. module number, title etc.

  • Who do I contact?  All requests for Adjusted Deadlines should be made to or 01326 253629.